Helping Hands for Wounded Veterans
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Helping Hands for Wounded Veterans was approved in December 2007 by the IRS as a non-profit.  The purpose of the organization is to give disabled soldiers that have sacrificed so much to keep our country free a chance to enjoy the sport of hunting and fishing once again.  Hence, the program called "All-American Dream Hunts" was established by the non-profit.

With the cooperation of various organizations we were able to have our first "All-American Dream Hunt" deer season of 2007 in Pennsylvania.  We focused on taking some severely wounded soldiers on this outing. Everyone asked if we would do this again because of the sense of independence they felt at this hunt.  They were able to do something they felt they would never do again because of their new found disabilities.  Now they are looking at the next step in their lives to move forward to a more productive life.  The hunt made the news and attracted more disabled veterans and non-military disabled individuals.  With the use of proper assistive technology, we plan on having more of these hunts and add fishing trips to our program.  Several individuals and organizations have offered their land and/or services to assist us in hosting these events at their locations around the country.

We want to help these individuals accomplish something they once enjoyed and encourage them to take the next step to becoming a productive part of society.  It just takes a single accomplish to start moving forward and that is what we are offering these individuals.  With our program and support we can make a difference in many lives.